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Eminent Domain Law


The lawyers at Dewhurst Law provide advice and representation to businesses and individuals to enable them to preserve their constitutionally-protected property rights. These matters involve issues in which the state of New Hampshire, a municipality or another governmental entity takes some or all of privately-owned land or buildings for a public purpose.


The services we render include:

  • Attending project hearings

  • Negotiating with the governmental planners

  • Contesting the governmental entity's right to proceed with a taking

  • Assisting a property owner in obtaining relocation payments

  • Contesting the amount of damages before the New Hampshire Board of Tax and Land Appeals, or in the state and federal courts.


As part of its eminent domain practice, the firm also evaluates and assists with inverse condemnation claims in which governmental regulations or governmental actions could be deemed to constitute a taking of property.

Our services span the entire range of the eminent domain process from the pre-condemnation planning stage through the appeals proceedings. We begin by making sure our clients fully understand their legal rights and alternatives, and then help them develop a strategy designed to meet their objectives.

Throughout the process, we aggressively represent our clients in hearings, negotiations, and in any and all court proceedings including appeals, if necessary. Our considerable experience in this practice is brought to bear in finding and preparing material witnesses, qualified appraisers, and experts in the fields of property management, development, finance, real estate investment and other relevant areas.

Our firm can also assist clients with related matters including:


Our goal is to provide timely, constructive, first-quality, cost-effective representation for every client. 


Please contact us if you would like a consultation.

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